10 Little Known Uses for Vaseline

Uses for Vaseline from CouponsAndKids.com

(This post is part of our Homemaking Hacks series, which features handy uses for everyday household items).

We’ve been posting a series of articles on new ways to use everyday household items.  Today’s post is about uses for Vaseline, (known generically as petroleum jelly).   You probably have a jar or two stored on a shelf somewhere. Here are some ways it can be useful around the house.

1. Soften Dry and cracked skin from winter damage.

2. Apply Vaseline to your eyelashes before bed and they will grow and thicken.

3. Use a tiny amount of Vaseline on your fingertips to smooth split ends in your hair.

4. Vaseline soothes dry skin after shaving.

5. Clean off scuffs from your shoes by applying Vaseline to a rag and wiping clean.

6. Turn your eye shadow or blush into an easy to use cream by mixing in a little Vaseline.

7. Keep your cuticles healthy by applying a small amount of Vaseline to them regularly.

8. Make your own lip gloss by mixing a small amount of lipstick in with Vaseline and freeze.

9. Remove leftover glue from your glue-on eyelashes with Vaseline.

10. When coloring your hair, rub Vaseline around the hair line on your face so you don’t leave hard to clean dye marks on your forehead!

Uses for Vaseline


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