10 Tips for An Organized Kitchen

10 Tips for an Organized Kitchen from CouponsAndKids.comDo you sometimes get jealous walking into a friend or family member’s pristine kitchen, especially if they know where everything is?  If not, maybe you are one of those “pristine kitchen” people.  You’d be in the minority, but the rest of us could certainly learn from you. Over the years, I’ve learned a few tips to help keep the kitchen more organized. These following tips might not make your kitchen look like it was featured in a home and garden magazine, but they will help keep the mess to a minimum, and you should be able to find what you need in just a moment’s notice.

  1. Organize that Junk Drawer – Store small items like rubber bands, keys, paper clips and other small items in baby food jars. Baby food jars fit nicely in the drawer allowing it to be more organized. Use a silverware drawer organizer to organize other things like pens and pencils, rulers, screw drivers, skewers, straws and other long items.If you must store batteries in your junk drawer, keep them in the original packaging or place a strip of tape over the bumpy end or the terminal. It is dangerous to leave 9-volt batteries, used in fire alarms, loose in a drawer. If the terminals come in contact with anything metal or another battery, it could cause a fire.
  2. Use Plastic Food Storage Containers – These containers can hold more than just food. Store cake decorating tips and baking supplies or coins in them for safe keeping. Some sandwich keepers are long enough to hold writing utensils and small squares of paper. Place them in a cupboard near the phone so you always have scrap paper to write notes on.
  3. Keep Dry Erase Boards – Magnetic dry erase boards are a great invention. Put one on the freezer door and another one on the refrigerator door. Keep an inventory of what is in the freezer, with date on one so you always when something must be used. On the other board, keep a running tally of what you run out of and need to pick up at the grocery store.
  4. Use Deep Cupboards – If you have deep kitchen cupboard, it is often difficult to see what is in the back of them. Make your own pull out drawer using a plastic storage bin that fits into the cupboard. Just grab it by the handle and pull it out when you need something. Nothing will get lost in the back anymore.
  5. Store with Mason Jars – Use Mason jars to store dry goods in the kitchen. The dry goods will stay fresh longer and the jars are streamlined and stack nicely in a cupboard. Store baking soda, salt, flour, sugar and dry pasta this way. You might even find decorative or antique canning jars that might look nice out on the counter too.
  6. Solve Spice Drawer Problems with Cake Pans – All those little plastic containers of herbs and spices often fall over in a cupboard or drawer. Get a rectangular metal cake pan and place all herb containers in it. None of the containers will get away from you and if you pack it tight with all the labels going in one direction, you will always find what you need.
  7. Use Hooks – The new hooks that slap on to a surface with adhesive and easily come off are a great boon to the organizer. Place hooks inside the cupboard doors to hold all kinds of things. Put your car keys there and they will be safely out of sight. Place a small spiral notebook on the hook where you have written all the things in your cabinet and cross them off as you use them. This gives you a rolling inventory so you know what you need at the store. Hang nesting measuring cups from the hooks so you always know where they are.
  8. “Jar” Measuring Spoons – Measuring spoons tend to always get lost if you put them in a drawer. Instead, place them in a decorative mason jar or decorated metal coffee can near the stove or mixer so you will always find them.
  9. Utilize Under the Sink – This area is often under utilized for storage in the kitchen. Take a curtain tension rod and affix it in the cupboard in front of the pipes and garbage disposal. Hook nozzles of cleaner spray bottles on the rod and it will give you more room on the floor of the cupboard for other things.
  10. Tape Recipes  – Write frequently used recipes on 4 x 6-inch index cards on one side only. Tape these cards to the inside of your kitchen cabinets so you always know where they are and anyone can find them if they are in the mood to cook.

These ten tips for an organized kitchen will help you keep track of things you need everyday and might get lost in the shuffle. The kitchen is a busy place and it is difficult to keep things in order. These suggestions will help. Learn how to clean and do many other things with Borax.

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