7 Ways to Reduce Clutter on Kitchen Countertops


7 Ways to Reduce Clutter on Kitchen Countertops from CouponsAndKids.com If there is a flat surface in the kitchen, it is a good bet you or someone in the house will put something on it and leave it there. It is just human nature to fill an empty space. The kitchen counter is often a repository for bills, small appliances, kitchen staples, pots and pans and anything else you don’t know what to do with. The following are seven ways you can reduce all that clutter on kitchen counters and have a pristine-looking kitchen everyday.

  1. Pitch and Put Away – If you don’t use something three or more times a week, that something needs to be relocated. Plastic containers without lids are useless, so they need to go in the trash. Put mugs in the cupboard since it is just as easy to get them out as it is to keep them on the counter. Start at one end of the counter and pick up every item on it. Decide if it is still useful or not.  Get rid of what isn’t and put away what is.
  2. Limit Paper – Open mail in the kitchen near the trash. Immediately throw away mail that is useless and remove bills and other important mail to your office right away. Look at your kid’s school papers, hang them on the refrigerator, throw away unnecessary items and put things that need to go back directly in your child’s backpack. Once a paper pile starts, it is very difficult to get rid of.
  3. Appliances – Small appliances make for the most clutter on a kitchen counter. You probably use the coffee maker, toaster and the microwave every day, but does the mixer, crock pot and can opener need to be out all the time? Assess the regular use of the appliance and if it is not used all the time, find a place inside the cupboard for it. Also look into appliances that can be mounted under the upper cabinets, such as can openers or microwaves that mount over a stove.
  4. Hanging Baskets – Use of hanging baskets, elevated by a hook from the ceiling, can be very useful in keeping things off the kitchen counters. Put fruit that does not need to be refrigerated in a hanging basket instead of in a bowl on the counter. Hanging baskets are good for storing napkins, spice jars and other small items that would otherwise clutter the counter tops.
  5. Peg Board – Install a peg board on the wall in the kitchen and hang stuff that would normally sit on the counter. Cooking utensils, pots, pans, keys and other items can hang from a peg board as can antique kitchen items like potato mashers, ricers, flour sifters and graters. These lend more interest to the decor of your kitchen.
  6. Door Mounted Racks – The local home store has a plethora of racks that hang on the back of cupboard doors and hold utensils, herbs and spices and many other kitchen items. A hanging, plastic shoe holder attached to the inside of a pantry door can hold four and sugar as well as utensils so they are hidden away and not on the counter.
  7. Reset Every Night – Probably the best thing you can do to keep counter tops spotless is to go in the kitchen every night before bed and pick up anything that doesn’t belong on the counter and put it away. In the morning you have a spotless counter that is reset and ready for the day that looks nice and tidy.

Reducing clutter on kitchen counters makes the kitchen look cleaner and helps you start your day much better. Want to learn more about cleaning your home?  See our post on 10 Must Try Cleaning Hacks.

What are some ways you reduce clutter on kitchen countertops?

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