How to Start a Blog for Kids

Have you ever considered starting a blog for kids with fun activities, games and crafts? It’s very similar to our general advice on how to start a blog, but you’ll want to make sure you’re focused on content that works best for younger readers.

How to Start a Blog for Kids:

1. Pick your domain name. You can start by entering a name in the box above to see if it’s available. When you click on the green “Select Availability” button, you’ll be taken to’s host page. (You can read more about BlueHost below). You’ll either see “Create Your Account” if the name is available, or alternate suggestions if your first choice is already taken.

2. Choose a company to host your blog.  Once you own your domain, you’ll need to select a host company to display your blog. We recommend Bluehost because of their cheap rates (they’ll even let you reserve your domain name for free) and good service.

Your host will also let you download the software you’ll use to add content to your site. You can choose other types of software to manage your content, but we like WordPress because it’s free and widely popular. Your host dashboard page will show you how to get started. WordPress also has several pre-designed page templates, or themes, to help you personalize the look of your site.

3. Create a privacy policy. This is important for any website, but especially for dealing with younger readers. The Federal Trade Commission has guidelines for web interaction for children, especially those under the age of 13. You’ll want to get familiar with the rules.

How to Start a Blog in 3 Easy Steps |

And these are the first steps to get started on creating a blog for kids. We’ll be updating this post in the near future with ideas for games, activities and crafts to feature on your blog.

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