September 2017 Giveaway – $10 Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Here’s another chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift card. All you have to do is let us know whether or not you use printable coupons, and let us know what other features you’d like to see on this site. The contest starts September 12 and runs through midnight ET September 20, 2017. Winner will receive gift card by email.

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61 thoughts on “September 2017 Giveaway – $10 Amazon Gift Card

  1. I try to use coupons all the time and many I need to print. At least once/week, I am printing at least 1 coupon for products I am purchasing.

  2. I use printable coupons a few times a month, all depend on what is available at the time.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  3. I use printable coupons several times a month. I always check the coupon sites of stores I shop before going there.

  4. I seldom use printable coupons. I would like to see more contests and sweepstakes on the site

  5. I use printable coupons when the coupons offered are for something I use. I always enjoy quick and easy recipes.

  6. I use printable coupons when I can find one that is for a product I need/use. Its time consuming and not something I do all the time.
    I would love to see ways to make couponing easier.

  7. My printer recently stopped working but i still go to the library weekly to print up some good ones!

  8. hardly ever..paper and ink are needed for other things here..i wish i could use them more,because i see ones i can use all the time

  9. i used to use them all the time but now i rarely do. i love to save money but i just am not buying processed foods anymore.

  10. I don’t use them often, I use the digital ones more often unless I see something I have to have and the coupon is a great deal.

  11. I use printable coupons all the time. I love the chance to combine them with store sales. Often they give me the chance to try new products for less.

  12. I used to use them a lot. But, some supermarkets are making it more difficult by not accepting them.

  13. I like to use printable coupons but right now my printer isn’t working right so I have to use what I get in the mail or from magazines.

  14. I use printable coupons 5-10 times a month! I coupon weekly with the ad match ups – and many I find a return on are the internet printable coupons!

  15. I’ve been using printable couples more as of late. I enjoy the ones that are for dollars off tech and children’s toys.

  16. I don’t use printable coupons. The last time I tried to use one, our local grocery store would not accept it.

  17. I use printable coupons three or four times a week. One thing that would be helpful is tips on organizing printable coupons.

  18. Hi. I don’t really like printables. I probably would use them if I could put several onto one page to print out. I don’t like using one sheet of paper for just one coupon.

    A useful feature for the site? I always like simple, fast recipe ideas.

  19. I haven’t used printable coupons in years. I need to start again. I remember how much money it saved me and that many of them were more valuable than the ones in the paper.

  20. I do use printable coupons on occasion, but not as often as before. This is largely because a very large number of them are for things that I have no intention of buying. I used to use them for a lot of my food purchases, but those are much harder to find now–except for items that are not of interest to me.

  21. I don’t use printable coupons a lot. I use them about twice a month.

    A useful feature for the site? I would like to see some quick and easy recipes.

  22. I have never used printable coupons, only ones I clip from the inserts that come with the local papers.

  23. When I had a printer I used printable coupons monthly. Now I use them when I find them and able to print off at work.

  24. How often do you use printable coupons?

    Rarely anymore now that they can send them to your phone.

    What are some other features you’d like to see on this site?

    More giveaways.

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