Six Ways to Save $1,000

What would you do with an extra $1,000? Put it towards a college fund? Splurge on a vacation? Buy a new computer?  Follow the game plan below for six ways to save $1,000 in a few months:

6 Ways to Save 1000 Infographic

Six Ways to Save $1,000

1. Clip at least three grocery coupons a week.  Head over to the printable coupons page and look for at least three coupons that you can print. There are new deals every day, with many for $2 and $3 off popular products.  With these coupons, you should be able to shave at least $5 off your grocery bill every week.  Do that for a year, and it’s a minimum savings of about $250.

2.  Sign up with survey and research companies.  They want your opinion!  Sites like Nielsen Consumer Panel and Toluna will reward you with points for doing simple things at home like watching videos, taking surveys and even testing out new online games.  You can trade these points in for gift cards and money.  Some companies host contests for participants with awards up to $20,000.  Even if you don’t win, you could pocket an extra $150+ over the course of a year with a bit of work.

3. Score weekly freebies.   Whether it’s a snack, a free app, appetizer, or a fun game, getting a freebie can help you save money on something you’d otherwise pay for.  Check  freebies and samples deals to find new offers.  Receiving one week that’s worth $5–that you would have paid for anyway– could help you save $250 after a year.

4. Trade old electronics for cash.  Don’t let an unused computer or cell phone sit in your closet and gather dust.  Trade it in for extra cash.  You could sell the electronics to a site like Gazelle, or you could place it at an auction site or have a yard sale.  Either way, you could possible walk away with an extra $100 to stash.

5. Use Kids Eat Free deals.  Whenever you go out to eat, make a point to take advantage of a Kids Eat Free special.  Different restaurants have them each day of the week.  One kids meal saved is worth about five dollars, so getting a free deal each week could save about $250 in dining expenses a year.  Read our Kids Eat Free list for suggestions, and let us know if there are restaurants we should add. Savings: $250

6. Get birthday freebies.  You only get to celebrate your birthday once a year.  Celebrate at a place that gives you a free treat on your birthday, and pocket that extra $10-$20 saved. The savings you can pocket from couponsfreebies and earning money at home can really add up.  Let us know in the comments how you plan to use your extra cash.

Grand Total: Over $1,000 saved!

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  1. These will come in handy of us! Being a teacher makes it hard to save money for something other than the summer months- so hopefully this can start creating a cushion for us should we need it!

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